In India, a card game called ‘Lakadi’ is also known as ‘Tash Game‘. It is also known in the US as the ‘break game’. Lakadi can be played by a beginner quickly, and they are free to make money from it.

With the peak of Indian online gaming, gamers want to experience different games and are willing to wait for that experience. AIO Games has recreated Call Break, a fresh, unique game with an experience players won’t find elsewhere.

This is your chance to perfect your game! Play Card Break and win big! Tash is a game that is immensely enjoyed in India, where players are giving their whole time to make some real money.

Call Break is a game like Tash game, and those who play Call Break soon turned their fortunes around. So, watch the magic of cards and see your skill as the champion once again.

You came looking for the Call Break game and where you can play it. We know that you might have a lot of questions in your mind. Since Call Break is such a popular card game. Today, we’ll tell you about the different platforms where you can learn how to play the game and easily find a game to play.

What is a Call Break Game?

Card games are very popular in India. Most teenagers who are above 18 years of age know many types of card games, and often enjoy playing card games more than adults. One such game is the Lakdi game, aka Call Break where a person leads and other players must discover which suit he is leading to – spades, hearts, or diamonds.

This game is also called Lakadi in some places because it’s a variation of Call Bridge. It’s easier than other games like Poker and Rummy. Call Break aka Taas is a popular card game played in many South Asian countries. It shares similarities with spades, and there are 52 cards which are dealt out among four players. The game starts once the dealer has given 13 cards to each player.

In a call break card game, the dealer throws a solo card of any suit followed by the other three players’ suit.

If a player can’t have a corresponding suit card, then he or she must throw another one and the winner is declared with the one who deals the highest card. Trump cards are created in order to overcome other cards, but this only happens when there are no cards of the same suit.

A type of spades, this game is skill-based and involves bidding, tricks, and trumps. The suit for Call Break is spades, which often has a larger impact on the overall flow of the game than suits from other, more typical games.

How to Play Call Break Game?

Unlike other card games, Call Break has distinct rules and is only won when they are followed. The rules are as follows:

  1. 13 cards are dealt to each player at the beginning of the game. Spades are the only trump card in this game.
  2. In order for a player to win, he/she must get 4 hands. For example, if you bid 4 hands and you think you can do it, then you will place your bid and continue playing against other players who have placed their bids.
  3. Spades are more powerful than any other suit in this game- 2 spades is better than 1 king or queen of any other suit.
  4. In this card game, whoever has the higher card wins the hand. Spades has the highest card and can beat anything any time.
  5. When you don’t have a card in the suit being played, you must throw a spade; if you don’t have a spade card, then you can throw any other card of your choice.
  6. If two players in a game are each called with a suit, the bigger suit takes that hand. If one player does not get any form of trump (not just spades), then it is considered an invalid hand and must be re-dealt.
  7. This also applies if one player does not get any face card to make their “declaration” in a suit.
  8. The minimum bet must be 8 points or more (depending on which variant is being played).

What is the best app to play Call Break Card Game?

Only the best Call Break apps will provide you with an exceptional and hassle-free experience. AIO Games offers Call Break online money earning card games that play on your phone, making every game feel like it’s in the palm of your hands.

With the luck of the draw, everyone has an equal chance to win. The UI is incredibly smooth, and every animation is fluid so that users enjoy a seamless gaming experience. The 5-round game is a tash Call Break experience.

Download AIO Games now and play this exciting game to use your skills with the call break and win cash!

The Indian players are offered many different gaming options. This is an excellent opportunity to experience India’s most thrilling gaming platform. The Callbreak game on AIO Games has been introduced in a new and exciting way.

The Call Break Card Game can be played in several rounds and formats on AIO Games. Within the Single Round format, the games are faster and more suited to those looking for quicker and more agile gameplay.

The Call Break game is a simple game that you can also play with friends and earn rewards like cash that could be transferred into your bank account post-game.


To start playing call break well, you need to know how to play and the basics of the card game. There are many strategies used in the game, such as choosing cards wisely. You will learn more strategies with time and practice. This is a fun way to spend hours and earn money!

With AIO Games, you can earn real cash for playing your favourite card game. One of the reasons they are the best pick is because the Call Break game on AIO Games is entertaining, simple to introduce to friends, and enjoyable.

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