Historically, enterprises operating virtualized environments on-premises faced several issues, including high capital costs, resource consumption, and a significant amount of time spent maintaining and administering onsite servers. 

Similarly, under this approach, licenses of Azure VMware Solution are typically obtained through big and long Enterprise License Agreements that are rigid and unable to grow fast to meet the ever-changing company demands.

What are VMware solutions’ dedicated services?

IBM Cloud for Azure VMware Solution’s Dedicated service is a single-tenant architecture with increased security and regulatory preparedness. You retain complete control down to the hypervisor level with bare metal access.

While no IBM Cloud-managed solution is available for now, you can get management via IBM Services or IBM Business Partners.

This dedicated option has been available since February 2016 and may be installed in over 35 data centers, with six multi-zone regions (MZRs) increasing.

Components of VMware Solutions dedicated service

vSphere by VMware

On the server virtualization platform designed for the current hybrid cloud, traditional applications run alongside the modern containerized program.

NSX by VMware

Connect and secure applications across the data center, multi-cloud, bare metal, and containers – all from a single pane of glass.

HCX from VMware

With the solution designed for workload rebalancing and business continuity, you can seamlessly expand your on-premises installations into the cloud.

vSAN by VMware

This enterprise-class storage virtualization software reduces expense and complexity while increasing business agility.

Why should you use IBM Cloud for VMware solutions?

Enjoy More Options

Choose from a variety of hardware configurations, a single or multi-tenant infrastructure, licensing, and storage choices. To grow worldwide, use IBM Cloud data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Increase Security

Protect your data and corporate workloads with a secure private network backbone while maintaining complete operational control — on-premises and in the cloud.

Save both time and money

Transfer workloads to and from the cloud without changing apps, tools, or scripts. There is also no need to invest in new resources or expertise.

IBM Cloud for Azure VMware Solution is recognized for its tough architecture based on global corporate needs, is trusted by the most security-conscious companies, and leverages deep VMware experience at a global scale. This range of adaptable solutions is relied on by around 2,000 businesses globally.

IBM and VMware collaborate to deliver flexibility and meet you where you are on your cloud journey. IBM Cloud provides both client-managed and IBM-managed solutions to meet a variety of workload requirements.


The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is a dedicated client-managed solution that combines VMware vCenter and VMware vSphere and choices in a monthly subscription model in a single-tenant environment. 

Both client-managed alternatives are available on bare metal servers, allowing for secure, single-tenant installations.

The IBM-managed solution is a low-cost, self-service solution that allows you to begin moving virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud in minutes. 

IBM Cloud manages the hypervisor, so you don’t have to bother about managing, patching, or updating it. This methodology is adaptable and cost-effective in terms of scaling.

IBM Cloud and Azure VMware Solution employ a flexible and secure location for all workloads. IBM delivers a secure, cost-effective solution from development and testing to deploying and running mission-critical workloads, with several deployment models, more than 100 bare metal configurations, and extensive client control and administration.

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