Studying MBBS in Philippines has been popular among Indian students since 2012. Studying MBBS/ MD in Philippines is a great option and alternative to studying MBBS in China. There is no dearth of reasons to take up MBBS Philippines. One of the reasons that students choose to enroll in Filipino MBBS colleges is low cost of education. Top Colleges in Philippines boasts of having great infrastructure and faculty for the students. The students also get to enjoy travelling through the island country.

Philippines Medical Colleges are also recognized by renowned medical institutions worldwide. Besides quality education, the top medical universities in Philippines also offer opportunities to practice medicine in other countries. MBBS colleges in Philippines have tie-ups with universities in USA, UK, India, China, and Canada among other countries. Another advantage for Indian students who take admission in Universities in Philippines is the weather of the country. The climate in Philippines is similar to India therefore the students have no problem adjusting to weather conditions. The weather conditions are also favorable for students to travel around the country any time of the year. Colleges for MBBS in Philippines offer 6 year MBBS courses. The colleges also offer other courses in various disciplines and directions. The students must check their eligibility before applying to colleges in Philippines.

Philippines is considered as one of the most affordable destinations for studying MBBS in the world. A research has found that students save a minimum of 70% on cost when they choose to study MBBS in Philippines. Besides a low fees structure, the country also possesses a world class educational model with unique and lofty standards. The medium of training is English while the degree that one acquires from colleges or universities in Philippines is acceptable across major healthcare institutions across the world. International students going to Philippines to study MBBS also feels secured and at home as the Filipinos are known to be great hosts, extremely friendly and polite. Some of the top reasons for choosing to study MBBS in Philippines have been discussed below:

  • The MD in Philippines is recognized and affirmed as a course equivalent to the MBBS by the Medical Council of India who has set up and maintains uniform guidelines of medical education.
  • All medical colleges in the country follow a no-donation policy.
  • Medical universities in Philippines are widely renowned in numerous nations for the predominant standard of education and also have been listed in the IMED, WHO, and ECFMG medical education directories.
  • The cost of analyzing MBBS in the country is generally low in contrast to other advanced nations.
  • The country follows US education system which opens several opportunities for students to pursue a career in English speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada, and others.
  • The climatic conditions of Philippines are similar to that of India.

From where to study MBBS in Philippines

Philippines has a number of medical colleges and universities, all of which are known for their world-class educational standards but UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the most recommended medical colleges to study MBBS by international students. The low cost UV Gullas Fees Structure with flexible payment modules and high standard accommodation facilities makes it one of the top choices among international students.

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