Most times, people say that anyone that just loves drinking is seen to be an addict. They don’t  make a difference to them. For a while, this idea was followed but not after an American research institute for alcohol addiction did research and found out that they shouldn’t be categorized into the same bracket, there are different types of alcoholics. 

You might be a little puzzled but do not worry, in this article, you will get to find out the different types of alcoholics and get an explanation on each of them. You can check out Al Anon New York City for more about it.

5 Different Types Of Alcoholics

Young adult subtype

The young adult subtype are perceived to be the youths who drink normally but got exposed to alcohol at an early stage of 19. They could be said to still be in college and therefore might not be so much addicted to taking alcohol. They could sometimes engage in binge drinking. They are usually said not to be exposed to some sort of mental health conditions. No doubt, these sets of people are the largest in terms of population percentage.

Functional subtype

These are the ones who are middle aged but still get to take alcohol on a regular basis. They are said to have been exposed as early as 19 to drinking of alcohol. These people are usually within the age brackets of 41. Some of them could be married while some might not be married. They are called the functional subtypes because they could be high income earners and even have a family and responsibility. They have the least legal issues relating to alcohol.

Intermediate familial subtype 

These ones are said to have been exposed at a younger age to drinking, on average 17. They are known to have family members who engage in drinking so it is not something that anybody in the home might want to kick against because they all do it. These ones are known to have some form of mental conditions like depression, bipolar situations and some others. They are known to be excessive drinkers. Unlike the functional subtype, they might be engaging in no specific work activity that would take their mind off drinking. Some might be into full time jobs but may not be earning as much as they are supposed to. They also have a high level of education.

Young antisocial subtype

These are the earliest set of alcoholics. They have been exposed to taking alcohol at the age of 15 and then gain alcohol dependence at the age of 17. They are said to be the ones who abuse every other form of drug including cigarettes, cocaine and the likes. No doubt, they have the lowest rate of education, income or employment. They are the ones who suffer the most from mental health conditions like bipolar situations, depression and other medical conditions. They are in dire need of alcoholic communities that would help them because they are antisocial.

Chronic severe subtype 

These are the people who started drinking at an early age of 15 . They are said to be very few in percentage population as alcohol causes a major damage to them. They are the ones with the highest rate of severe medical conditions. They also have a tendency to suffer separations from friends and family members because of alcohol. Also, they may have family members who engage in taking alcohol frequently.

Having seen all of these, you now know the different types of alcoholics and how much of an effect alcohol has on them. Sometimes, they want to stop but it is not so easy because they have not found the right platform that would help them.

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