Just as any household around the world is subject to various pest infestations, Canadian households are not exceptional. There are four major insects and rodents that bewilder Canadian households. And in this article, I will be discussing these pests so you can identify them when you come across any one of them after now. I will also give you my ideas on how you can prevent pests from entering your home. However, if your home is currently under severe infestation that seems to be beyond your DIY skills, contact Pest Extermination Services in Toronto Canada now and receive professional exterminating service.


Most Common Household Pest in Canada

There are four major common pests you can find in Canadian households. These include

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

Below is their breakdown.


Rats are relatively small and hairy rodents that come from bushes into homes in search of food and humid temperature. Rat is distinguished from a mouse with its long tail and has a different crawling posture that resembles that of a fire skink, but always moves at a faster pace than a fire skink. Rats can bite humans,  which can lead to disease or death of the victim. However, you can always be on guard for its presence because it is not difficult to note its presence, as it emits an offensive odor and makes a sharp hissing sound, which will alert you that a rat is somewhere close to you. So, you can set a rat trap or place rat poisonous food around the corner of the wall because they love loitering at wall corners when they come at night.


Mice are other rodents, very similar to rats that also plague Canadian homes. Mice are harmless and some species are reared as pets around the world, such as the fancy mouse. However, mice are a popular rodent that pests humans in search of food. They can quickly reproduce to serve as a huge nuisance to you as they eat up every carelessly kept food item in your home.


Cockroaches are another type of pest prevalent in Canada. The cockroach is identified by two anterior antennas, a segmented head, and possession of wings that cover its body. Cockroaches are found in damp areas where they can feed on tiny insects and food crumbs. Cockroaches are nuisances as they can throw themselves in your soup and food.


Ants are another common pest in Canada. There are various species of ants, some have the ability to sting while some are just harmless. Ants are usually found in cracks and holes you have on your floors or walls. They have the sharpest smelling organ such that if little food crumbs linger a bit, they would match around the food crumbs, and it can be disturbing seeing them around. If ants find your home suitable to stay in, you can feel their proliferation in the night when they keep stinging you while you are asleep, and it is frustrating.

Ways To Prevent Any Pest

The presence of pests in your home only constitutes a whole lot of discomfort and nuisance, which you will not tolerate. Though some are harmless but can be destructive to your properties like foodstuffs and clothing. Below is what you can do to prevent them from entering your homes.

1. Clean up any food crumbs after each meal in your home.

2. Properly keep food and nonfood items in a safe place. All food items should be kept in a tight lid. Do not keep cooked food idle for long to avoid spoilage which can invite pests.

3. Properly and regularly dispose of garbage and wastes.

4. Make sure you open up cluttered areas where pests can hide as much as possible.

5. Mend and close off any cracks and holes on the floors and walls to prevent pests from hiding somewhere in your home.

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