Companies often start in a home office and continue to grow from a remote position. Virtual work is not an unusual thing to find in the current work climate, but much like a physical workspace, it has a unique set of challenges to navigate. So, let’s explore some top tips for managing a remote business from home.

Dedicated Communication Channels

The first task on the to-do list is to set up a business email address so that the company is better able to stay separate from personal accounts. It makes sense admin wise, but also organisationally. It also adds to your appearance in terms of credibility and reliability, is easier to find for your clients, and gets your brand name in the client’s visual every time you chat. 

Clear Business Boundaries

Business is business and it is separate from your home life, as much as the two may intertwine from time to time. However, there is value in implementing a clear boundary between the two to maintain well-being on both sides. There will be an inevitable, unavoidable crossover but it shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. Try sourcing a virtual address for company purposes so this is one area where there are no blurred lines. There are options for this all over the country, and because of the remote nature of the relationship, it doesn’t matter if you live in Newcastle and choose this St Alban’s virtual office space, the effect will be just the same as opting for somewhere close by. 

Networking is Still Important

Just because you’re not out there in a corporation representing a well-known brand doesn’t mean that networking is not important. In fact, the opposite is true. The smaller your business the more you benefit from frequent networking and creating industry links. Put your business on the social media map, create a website and subscribe to local events to keep your name in circulation and build your business. 

Consider an Accountant

Owning a company means you are responsible for a variety of tasks. One of these is incoming and outgoing finances. This job, as it bares such a heavy consequence if done incorrectly, is better left to the experts. Accountants are trained and have the required knowledge to keep your company on track and make sure you don’t miss out on anything essential. They are a valuable alliance and even enable further growth. 

Accept a Flexible Structure

Having a routine is great, but it’s not always realistic. One of the perks of working from home is that you can set your own hours, which allows for a bigger capacity in terms of fluidness and flexibility. Rigid structure shouldn’t be the focus here; instead, shift the mindset into accepting flexible hours that are built around a day that works for you. 

The autonomy and independence granted by running your own company is something irreplaceable. Working from home definitely has its perks, but it also has its roadblocks that threaten the whole process. Stay organised and adapt to fluid working styles and your business will thrive.

By Manali

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