An air conditioner is a device that is used to cool a room. It is essential to buy one if you live in places that have extreme hot or cold temperatures. An AC is a convenient and long-term choice to cool or heat a place’s temperature by removing the room’s existing heat or moisture content. 

They may look like a large device with a big fan, but apart from that, they are pretty simple devices. Picking the right one can be tricky. There are different brands, different sizes, and styles. You can choose between a classic residential air conditioner wall mounted or a portable air conditioner.

So, how do you know that you are getting an air conditioner that will work for you? Here are some factors to consider:


The size of your air conditioner will depend on the size of the room that you are trying to cool. The average length of a room is about 10 x 10 feet. To gauge the size, you will need to add up the area in that room. If you are not sure, measure the space carefully.

For example, a room with an area of 20 x 20 feet will need an air conditioner greater than 40 inches x 40 inches.

Setting the Temperature

Once you have figured out the size, the next thing you need to do is decide how you will set the temperature. There are different styles of air conditioners. 

Wall units are the simplest to install. These units are usually wall-mounted and usually come with a compressor and fan. These units are generally relatively cheap.

Portable air conditioners are the most expensive out of all the air conditioners. These units need to be plugged directly into a wall. These units are great for travellers as they can be easily stored and carried around with you.


The unit’s location is next important to consider when buying a new air conditioner. For example, if you are trying to cool a room with ample open space, you will want to install your unit somewhere in the middle of the area. 

Units That are Fan-Based

These units are also known as inverter air conditioners. These units are usually very quiet, and these types of units tend to be cheaper than other air conditioners. These units are generally most suitable for small rooms.

Units Which are Compressor Based

These units are usually louder and more prominent than the fan-based units. These types of units are usually more expensive. These types of units are generally best suited for large rooms.


If the unit comes with any warranty, it signifies that the manufacturer is confident about the quality of the unit.

It is important to understand warranties before purchasing an AC unit. The warranty will usually cover the most expensive parts. For example, the warranty will usually cover the compressor and the electrical components.

Remote Controls

Many air conditioners come with remote control. Especially for a classic residential air conditioner wall mounted, having a remote control makes it easier to use the device than portable remote-control ACs.

A remote control allows you to control the settings of your unit. For example, this will allow you to change the temperature from the comfort of your sofa.

Outlined are some things to look for when buying an air conditioner. These include the location of the AC, the remote control, and the warranty. With this post, finding the correct air conditioner based on your needs will not be difficult!

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