Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest fashions, especially if you do not invest in fashion magazines or if you are not constantly immersed in the world of fashion. As such, here are some of the top fashion trends that you should know about for this year and the next that are incredibly easy to follow. 

• Shopping in Independent Stores

While the most popular clothing brands may be convenient, with their clothes often being cheaper than other brands and their shops often situated inside local malls, recently, there has been a renewed interest in independent shops, especially when it comes to clothes. People do not want to leave their homes only to see five other people wearing the same clothes as them. As such, shopping at independent stores gives you the wide choice that you need to find clothes that suit your style and represent who you are. 

• Wearing Clothes That Suit You 

In years past, people have simply followed the crowd and worn clothes that are currently in fashion, regardless of whether they suit them or not. However, currently, there is more interest in finding classic and interesting clothes that suit you and that never go out of trend, rather than the abrasion and pilling resistance those which will be frowned upon in a matter of months. As such, you should consider looking around for high-quality clothing that suits your body shape and size. For instance, if you currently struggle to find plus-size clothing, you should consider shopping for plus size fashion UK from specialist stores like Froxx. 

• Investing in Eco-Friendly Clothing

Many fashionistas have also started to become aware of their impact on the environment. A lot of clothing brands produce low-quality, seasonal clothing that is made to be thrown out after a few months, and these clothes are often made of polyester and other materials that have a negative impact on the environment. As such, instead of buying from fast-fashion brands, you should look around for eco-conscious shops that act on their green statements and that are putting effort into reducing their plastic waste and finding eco-friendly materials, such as those which are recycled. This can then ensure that you can stay fashionable without any guilt getting in the way and that you will be able to buy clothes that will last you for years. 

• Wearing Preowned Clothing 

Preowned clothes have also become more trendy, with many influencers now visiting thrift stores to look for rare finds and to get inspiration for their looks. Not only is this good for the environment, but it can also help your fashion to stand out and to look different from anyone else’s, although it can take time and energy to sift through the large number of donations that are in these stores. You might even choose to shop for vintage clothing online and in specialist stores if you have always envied the fashions of the past and if you are looking to add a little bit of a retro aesthetic to your style.

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