The intriguing background and two important success factors of IVF


Dec 17, 2022

Medical science has remarkably progressed over the last few years. There has been substantial improvement in the realm of pregnancy-related matters, for example, treating infertility and giving birth to a baby. There are many possible treatments, but one of the best among those is the IVF procedure. 

Thousands of couples in India are now opting to visit the best IVF doctors in Delhi to complete this process. After all, in the end, they will be blessed with a healthy baby, and that is very much desirable at large. So we shall explore the background here first and then discuss two important success factors of IVF. This will help prospective parents to gain clarity regarding the matter. 

The background of IVF

Even though it has been some decades since the successful introduction and development of IVF as an assisted reproductive technology, there is still a lack of understanding regarding what IVF is and how it functions. “in-vitro fertilisation,” or IVF for short, refers to combining an egg and sperm. The egg chooses the sperm that will fertilise it, much like the natural process in the body. The fertilised egg, known as the embryo, is reinserted into the uterus after two to five days. In India, infertility is private and frequently viewed as a curse or taboo, so it is not discussed publicly. This could be why people aren’t familiar with the IVF treatment process and steps. However, things are improving as people become more receptive to IVF in the twenty-first century. 

Consequently, numerous prestigious hospitals are evolving into infertility-focused speciality treatment centers utilising cutting-edge technology and the best embryologists. Each step in a single IVF cycle will be explained in detail. Knowing the IVF cost in Delhi is one of the most important first steps in ensuring its success so that you can adjust your spending plan accordingly. There are some other important success factors that we shall now evaluate.

IVF center

The success rates are greatly influenced by the quality of the IVF center. Because the human body comprises microorganisms such as fungi and germs, the gametes must be handled in a highly controlled and secure environment. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with charcoal filters and high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that can completely change the air in a room twenty times an hour should be the norm. Therefore, only the best IVF doctors in Delhi should be visited to avoid complications. This is for the welfare of the patients at large.

Expertise and experience of physicians 

The concerned doctor’s ability to provide adjuvants, individualised protocols and sperm selection methods based on ovarian reserve and sperm parameters is crucial to maximising success rates. The ease of the embryo transfer procedure and the optimal preparation of the endometrial lining are also essential to the success of IVF. If the uterine environment is not favourable or an embryo transfer is difficult, they will not implant no matter how good the embryos are; they will not implant. 

A skilled professional can make a big difference in these areas. The credentials and experience of the embryologist are also extremely helpful in determining success rates.ICSI, embryo freezing, thawing, and gentle procedures like these are essential for high success rates. The success rates are higher when fewer gametes or embryos are exposed outside the incubator. The doctor can also inform the parents of the prospective IVF cost in Delhi.


Considering the background, it is evident that the IVF process is a much more lucrative option for parents. So people must keep these two success factors in mind and proceed with it.

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