In digital shopping, product imagery is vital in making a customer buy or rank a product. 20% of the shoppers are willing to pay more when they can customize the product. When people are allowed to choose products how they want, they are more likely to buy them. 

Product customizers allow people to convert 2D to 3D products immediately while shopping. It helps customers view the products exactly as they would see them in a physical store. They can rotate the products and view them from all angles. 3D products are more realistic than 2D images and help increase conversions.

The number of customers choosing online shopping is skyrocketing. However, the lack of feeling and touch is a great drawback of digital shopping. It is challenging to design a product that meets the needs and expectations of the customers. 

A 3D visualization enables the shoppers to view a product realistically. It reduces the errors that can happen with 2D visualization. Brands can personalize a product by enabling customers to view it in 3D. And 3D models generate a 94% increase in conversion and boost sales. 

The popular products that customers enjoy viewing in 3D are:

  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Eyewear
  • Furniture
  • Home Decor
  • Handbags
  • Garden tools
  • Home goods

How 3D products generate more conversions

Reduces anxiety

Before purchasing a product, customers want to ensure that it meets their expectations. They want to save money on things that meet their requirements. 3D images help the customers view the product from all angles. The anxiety of buying something different from what they wanted is eliminated.

Displays physical features 

Customers are unhappy when the products don’t meet their expectations. They may return the product, or even if they keep it, they will not suggest it to their friends and family. Sometimes they share their negative experience with others, damaging the brand’s image. A 3D or 360-degree view of the product provides accurate details about it. In addition, it allows customers to see all the physical features before buying a product.

Reduces returns

The return rate is higher in eCommerce than in the physical store. The 3D and AR technology lets shoppers view every physical feature in detail. The image is close to reality, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the return rate. It lets the customer know whether the product meets their expectations and how it would fit in their home.

Customer engagement 

Viewing a product in 3D keeps the customer engaged and increases interaction. They spend more time in the eCommerce store, increasing their chances of making a purchase. By allowing the customers to customize, the brands make them get attached to their products. Customization allows them to choose the material and change the color.

In-store experience

The 3D visuals give the customer an in-store experience. They can customize a product to their needs without stepping inside the store. The online shopping experience becomes as good as going to a physical store. A cohesive and uniform customer experience is achieved through AR technology and 3D models.

Stores have realized that they need to convert 2D to 3D products to attract customers. Stores must attract customers’ attention and keep them in their online store for longer. When the products are presented in 3D, customers are convinced and purchase them. Keeping the customer happy and satisfied is very important for all businesses.

By Manali

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