Road-tripping is a great way to see the autumn foliage in different parts of the country. You can also see the beautiful fall colors from your RV as you travel and get up to an explosion of color outside your bedroom windows.

Beautiful fall foliage is available on many trips to the U.S., and sometimes in the most surprising places. We looked at the top Outdoorsy rentals this season and found the best places in the area to view fall colors in full bloom.

This was based on rental data that we pulled, which shows the top places to rent in fall during peak foliage. These are the 10 most popular places where people rent rigs to watch leaf fall.

1. Denver, Colorado

Where to Go

If you visit Denver, then make your way to the higher elevations just outside of the city, you can almost guarantee spectacular fall colors. When the crisp autumn air blows through the mountains, Aspen trees are transformed into spectacular sunbursts.

For a quick fall fix, take I-70 west to the mountains. You might also want to check out byways such as the Lariat loop or the Peak-to-Peak Byway which will take you into the backyard Rocky Mountain National Park.

How to drive

This space age campervan can take you almost anywhere. It even has a hot shower and high-speed internet. You can even get Nespresso machines for crisp autumn mornings.

2. Portland, Oregon

Where to Go

Portland is a great place to visit in the fall, as you can explore places like the scenic Columbia River Highway or other alpine routes outside of town.

For us, however, the best fall fun in Portland is when you rent an RV and move west. You’ll be on the Oregon Coast in less than an hour. There you will find beautiful foliage, dramatic coastlines and an ocean just outside your windows. After you have finished driving, you can stop at one of the many Oregon coastal campgrounds.

How to drive

This luxury Class A motorhome has a panoramic window for leaf spotting. You could also opt for this teardrop that’s ready to go.

3. Seattle, Washington

Where to Go

Similar to Portland, Seattle has a lot of big-city livin’. On your way out of Seattle, grab a cup of Seattle’s famous joe and then roll up the Mount Baker Scenic Byway, where you’ll find vibrant reds and yellows almost immediately. The byway runs along the North Fork Nooksack River, to Artist Point, where you can enjoy stunning mountain views.

A multi-day trip around the Olympic Peninsula is another epic trek starting from Seattle. This guide will help you enjoy rocky beaches and vibrant fall forests all in one drive.

How to drive

This off grid sprinter van can get you almost anywhere in Northwest Washington.

4. San Diego, California

Where to Go

San Diego may be in the desert but this surprising fall destination offers much to leaf-seekers. You can travel east in an RV to visit places such as Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and Palomar Mountain State Park. Here you will find mountain forests that are bursting with color in fall.

San Diego is still in fall but it wouldn’t be San Diego without some beach time. Make sure you end your trip by heading down to the coast.

How to drive

This spacious trailer can be towed by you, so that the entire family can camp in style and comfort.

5. Salt Lake City (Utah)

Where to Go

Salt Lake’s mountains are a great fall playground for roadtrippers. The Alpine Scenic Loop is for you if you have a vehicle that can handle narrow roads.

Another amazing drive is the one that takes you from SLC to Park City. Park City is known for its ski hills. But fall is also a great time to visit the hip town. You can go on short hikes or take short trips to see the Aspen trees that are bursting along the roadsides.

How to drive

To tackle the twisting roads with ease, bring this lightweight teardrop.

6. San Antonio, Texas

Where to Go

This Texas town is nestled on the San Antonio River in Texas hill country. It boasts some of the most beautiful fall foliage in Texas. Urban camping is an excellent option in this destination. You can stay at one of the many San Antonio RV parks and enjoy the Missions Trail or the River Walk as well as any of the city’s incredible breweries.

You can also drive up to Government Canyon Natural Area if you want to get out in the wild.

How to drive

Take the comforts of home around town with this Class C.

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Where to Go

Minnesota’s fall is spectacular. It has cool weather, but not toocold yet, and clear waters (100,00) with beautiful trees. You can rent a rig in the Twin Cities and go on a leaf exploration.

Minneapolis/St. Minneapolis/St. Paul has a wide range of outdoor activities, including a network of paved bike paths and a series of lakes and rivers that run through the city. After you’re done with urban life, head north for a few hours and you’ll be able to see the northern shores on Lake Superior. Or you can go north to Voyageurs National Park to enjoy some of the most spectacular leaf viewing anywhere in the world.

How to drive

We believe something similar to this Scamp would make fall in Minnesota more enjoyable and fun.

8. Columbus, Ohio

Where to Go

Although Columbus may not seem like a great choice for a fall road trip, it is home to some of the most beautiful fall foliage viewing in the United States. Ohio’s rolling hills and lush forests make for some of America’s most beautiful road trips.

You can fly out to the Covered Bridge Scenic Byway within the Wayne National Forest, or drive across the Bridge Of Dreams while you enjoy Ohio’s Amish country.

How to drive

We recommend that you treat yourself to something similar to this Forest River ClassA, as it will offer home-like amenities in an easy-to-drive package.

9. Boise City, Idaho

Where to Go

Idaho is one the most secretive places in America. It offers undiscovered wild adventures, and it’s a great place to visit. Idaho’s fall features mountains, rivers, and colorful foliage.

We recommend the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway, which is 130 miles long. It will take you from Boise through Sawtooth Mountains to Stanley, Idaho. This is one of our favorite picks.

How to drive

The Winnebago Solis campervan is stylish and spacious. It has a pop-up tent roof that provides extra sleeping space, so you can enjoy cool fall nights.

10. Sacramento, California

Where to Go

You can experience California at its most ordinary pace in the Sacramento area. The city is also the gateway to some of The Golden State’s best fall foliage hunting.

A road trip to the Lodi wine country is something we recommend. On your way to California’s wine-making hubs, you’ll be able to see spectacular fall colors. You can fly to Yosemite National Park in just hours if wine is not your thing. You’ll drive over the mountains, taking in the fall foliage along the way. Then you’ll drop down to Yosemite, where you can take in the spectacular sights during this time of the year.

How to drive

This battery-powered bunkhouse offers enough space for everyone to go adventuring in this beautiful region of California.

Because of the cool weather and low crowds, fall is one of my favorite times to go on a road trip. These destinations offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a short weekend getaway or a long vacation.

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