Moving fragile and heavy appliances in your home like your refrigerator needs a high level of caution to achieve. Without caution, you get injured, destroy floor tiles, or damage the refrigerator. 

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Here are the safety tips you need when moving your refrigerator. 

Salient Safety Tips When Moving Your Refrigerator

Regardless of where you intend to move your refrigerator too, you’ll need to take some key steps in achieving the task. In the process, you may need some materials like;

  • Straps
  • Dolly
  • Tape 
  • Blankets
  • Screwdriver 
  • Manpower (two or more people)
  1. Defrost And Empty The Fridge

First things first, obviously you can’t move your refrigerator stocked. Before moving, you should have planned to eat up perishable items and also make provision for ice for storing some foodstuff that can’t be consumed immediately. 

Having done that, empty the fridge, and take out all trays, drawers, shelves, and any removable utensils. Keep them in a safe place and avoid any damage. 

To avoid bad odor, clean up the fridge thoroughly with a mixture of baking soda and water. Before doing this, switch off the refrigerator. 

  1. Carefully Disconnect Every Wire

Before going ahead with this, make sure you have the user manual close by, to avoid electric shock or damage in the process of disconnection. 

If you successfully disconnect the wires, do well to fold and tape them behind the fridge. When moving the refrigerator, the doors can slide open, so If you can, take off the refrigerator doors. 

When unscrewing the doors, safely keep every screw removed together in a bag. To prevent scratches and dents, wrap the exterior of your refrigerator with blankets. 

  1. Clear The Path Before Moving

When moving your refrigerator, map out a passage plan. You can go ahead and measure the fridge along with the pathway to avoid any loose ends. 

Having done the measurement, if your door may be an obstacle, remove the door from its hinges. Take out any furniture that can hinder your movement. 

  1. Place the Refrigerator On the Dolly

Take precautionary steps before carrying out this task. If your refrigerator has wheels, you can slide the fridge forward. Having done that, have one person place the dolly underneath the refrigerator, and wrap it with a ratchet to make the package secure on the dolly. 

After that, tip the refrigerator toward you, and make sure it tips back evenly so that you can push it while holding on to the fridge. Have in mind that someone has to be by your side for safety. 

  1. Take Precaution When Moving

If you’re going down a staircase, do well to apply caution, and move at a safe pace. Have more than one person guide the fridge on both sides. 

  1. Secure the Refrigerator In the Truck

To get the refrigerator into the truck, it is best to use a plank as a lift than carrying the fridge with bare hands. It can be dangerous and stressful. 

When that has been achieved, strap the refrigerator close to the truck with a rope. Don’t place the refrigerator flat on the ground. Have in mind that removing the dolly will not be necessary because you would need it when you arrive at your destination. 

  1. Reassemble The Refrigerator

Once you get to your new destination or location, spare ample time before plugging in your refrigerator, this gives it time to cool down and readjust its setting. 

While waiting, fix all wires and other necessary connections and utensils that were in the refrigerator. Open up the fridge to avoid building up an odor. Most importantly, make use of the user manual.

  1. Plug In and Restock

After some hours, plug in the refrigerator, make sure everything is working fine and give some recommended couple of hours for the refrigerator to get cold before restocking. 

Have in mind that you can hire professionals to help out with this task if you have the means.

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