Deciduous trees and shrubs are dormant in winter, but your grass can thrive with proper care. The best winter lawn fertilizer blends basic nutrients with special growth stimulants and protectants.

A high-quality fertilizer keeps your lawn green and growing all winter long.

Did you know that shrubs and trees need fertilizer, too? Whether you’re seeking winter lawn fertilizer or over-wintered shrub care, we can help. Here’s how to keep your lawn looking stunning all winter long.

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Know Your Lawn and Its Needs

The first step is to know your lawn and its needs. You should pay attention to the pH of your soil and the climate in your area. Different types of fertilizer are designed for different climates and soils.

Once you know what type of winter fertilizer your lawn needs, you can then apply it accordingly. You should also consider the amount of nutrition needed.

Spread the Fertilizer Evenly

To ensure your lawn has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy throughout the winter season, you should spread the fertilizer evenly over the lawn. The key to distributing the fertilizer evenly is to use a drop or rotary spreader.

Such spreaders provide an even distribution of the fertilizer, regardless of whether you are spreading from the corner of the lawn or up the sides of your house.

It is also vital to keep the fertilizer away from sidewalks and driveways as it can leech into the waterways and contaminate them. Using a spreader can ensure the right amount of application in the right places.

Water the Lawn Thoroughly

By thoroughly watering, the soil can take in the maximum amount of nutrients from the fertilizer. Watering the lawn helps to break down the fertilizer. This allows the plants to get all the necessary nutrients.

It also ensures that the lawn is hydrated, which is essential for any lawn to look lush and healthy. When the plants absorb the water, they uptake much more nutrients from the fertilizer. 

Avoid Over Application

Too much fertilizer can harm your healthy lawn, causing it to become yellow or brown over time. It’s best, to begin with, a small amount and only apply every few months.

To make sure you’re using an appropriate amount, check the fertilizer bag. It should give specific instructions on how much to apply. Make sure you follow these directions closely and don’t over-fertilize.

It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your lawn for any signs of over-application. If your lawn begins to turn yellow or brown, stop the application immediately and contact the best lawn care services in your area for help.

Learn the Right Way to Use Winter Lawn Fertilizer Today

Overall, a winter lawn fertilizer can be an excellent way to keep your lawn beautiful during the winter months. Regular fertilizing – with the right fertilizers and formula – can help your lawn retain its beauty and stay looking great all season.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it today to give your lawn a boost of color and life!

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