Consumers are increasingly choosing the businesses that they trade with based not only on the quality and price of their products but also the environmental credentials that they embrace. Young consumers are especially keen to partner with brands that they feel represents their values, and highly ranked among these is the commitment to reduce the impact we have on the environment. When you’ve done a lot to improve your green credentials, it’s crucial to share this far and wide with consumers and customers alike. Here’s how you’ll do it.

Independent Audit 

If you’ve been working hard to reduce your emissions and your waste, and increase your green production line, you should be confident enough to bring in an independent auditor to show you – and by extension, your customers – just how impressive your progress in these areas has been. Consumers are always wary of grand claims without any evidence, but if you go to an independent or trusted firm that analyzes green credentials in commerce, your customers will be able to trust that you’ve put your money where your mouth is and that you really are the green firm that you make yourself out to be. 


Of course, any exercise such as that mentioned above should be shared as widely as possible. There’s no point tucking the results away on some rarely visited page on your website. Instead, you should seek to have your message shared with as many people as possible. Draft social media posts to share reports, progress, and initiatives. Send out press releases to encourage journalists to pick up the story about your green revolution. And always seek to send clear messaging to your customers, perhaps via email, that by shopping with you, they’re supporting a green company and a more environmentally friendly world. 


Another way to get your green credentials out there on a more consistent basis is to partner with a marketing and communications agency that is focused on just this task. When you find an agency that does communications for sustainable organisations, you’ll be able to quiz them on what they might help you achieve and how they will go about sharing your triumphs with the wider world. Very often, they’ll have case studies to show you what they can offer you, and how they will approach sharing your green credentials with not only your existing audience, but with new demographic profiles too. 

Virtuous Cycles

The wonderful thing about marketing your green credentials is that it will often generate more visitors to your website or your store, and result in more sales. The profits from these sales can be reinvested in further green initiatives, and further marketing about those initiatives to create a virtuous cycle wherein you don’t have to part with your profits to build a company that is future-facing and aligned with the morals and values of the younger generation. This is the key objective for marketing your green credentials in the modern world. 

Make your green efforts stand out alongside your brand with some of the advice shared above. 

By Manali

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