Likes are literally the heartbeat of Instagram. They are an important social signal used by Instagram’s algorithm to help determine any account’s reach and visibility. Also, the more people like your posts, the more your page grows in traffic and engagement. However, getting those likes isn’t as easy as it looks, as there can be days when your posts get fewer likes than you desire.

So, how do you get automatic likes on Instagram? Here’s a list of tips you can use to increase your Instagram posts’ likes automatically.

Competitor Research

If you are struggling to get the likes you want for your Instagram posts, it never hurts to look at what other people are doing. You never know; you can draw inspiration from different brands, companies, or people. Take time to research your friends’ or competitor’s page and find out what they are doing to get automatic likes for their posts.

You can also research businesses and brands outside your industry. This will help give you a broad view of the strategies you can implement across the board for your posts.

Create Content

The content you post on your Instagram page is the backbone of the likes you want to attract. You can expect even fewer likes if the content you create is not relatable. Also, if the content you post isn’t high-quality, the likes will not be automatic. Therefore, make sure you:

Post Quality Photos: You don’t have to be a professional photographer; however, it would help if you knew the basics of photo editing and composition. Just because you can post your Instagram photos directly from your mobile phone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t edit the images you post.  Also, technology today has advanced significantly, and you can easily access a mobile phone with the right photo editing tools.

Ensure that the Images You Post Have Context: This is especially important for businesses and brands. Don’t just post a bland picture of a product you offer and expect automatic likes from it. Give your images a storyline or narrative to which your audience can relate.

Make Your Profile Appealing: You need a profile that looks natural and good. As a brand or business, never lack a profile picture or have a half-finished bio.

Post Regularly: It wouldn’t make sense to have a complete profile as a brand or business if you aren’t posting regularly. Try to make regular posts on your page, as this will help your audience increase their engagement.

Once you establish a pattern with the content you post, it gets easier to receive automatic likes from your audience.

Work on Your Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags play an important role in increasing a post’s engagement. It is also one of the easiest ways to have your posts noticed organically. But that doesn’t mean you start spam-tagging your Instagram posts with hashtags.

If you want to increase your automatic likes, try working on your hashtag strategy. You can do this by using related hashtags. For instance, if your Instagram post is about dog food, it wouldn’t make sense to have #cats. While you may want to attract a wider audience, it makes you look desperate.

Also, use a good number of hashtags in your post. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram allows you to use various hashtags in your posts. However, ensure that the hashtags you choose allow you access to a particular audience related to your post. You have the freedom to use as many as you can, but try to stick to 12.

Make Use of Tags

The tags you use also play a huge role in automatic likes for your Instagram posts. Tags allow you to give credit to people, businesses, or other brands where it is due. For instance, if you have a photo that features other brands, you can tag them in the picture you post.

You can also tag a location of a retail brand or travel spot. This is especially useful for businesses in the dining or travel industry. Often, the brands you tag will end up commenting on your post or liking it altogether. Having other brands like your posts can help you get automatic likes.

Buy Instagram Likes for Your Posts

Another way you can automatically increase likes on your page is by buying Instagram likes from sites like You don’t have to do all the work yourself, as the site does everything for you. All you have to do is choose a plan and have everything taken care of for you.

Getting automatic likes isn’t easy, but you will eventually get there if you use the tricks above.

By Manali

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