Business trips are always a strange mixture of freedom, in terms of being away from the office and the normal 9-5 daily grind and the stress of always have to be the best version of yourself, especially if you have numerous scheduled meetings and other appointments. 

One element of your business trip which needs to be meticulously planned and researched is your accommodation, especially if your trip will last more than a couple of days. So, for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike, continue reading to learn how to choose the right area to stay in for a long business trip.

Always Allow Extra Time (For Everything!)

Firstly, and this especially applies if you’re moving to London or a similarly large city, that if you have an exciting investment opportunity that you are heading into the center for, then you need check out the location and furthermore, always allow extra commuting time. 

Additionally, if you’re only planning on staying overnight, perhaps extending your stay will result in you not only having extra time to enjoy the new city you’re in, but also to follow up on any potential business leads from the previous day. 

Think About What You Need

If you’re only staying for a few weeks, then to save money, either for your company or for yourself, looking for rooms to rent in london rather than an entire apartment makes absolute sense.

Furthermore, if you’re the head of a small business, the money you’ll save on accommodation will offset any investments regarding new services or products whilst you’re on your business trip. 

Check the Technological Capabilities of the Property

Presumably, you’ll be bringing at least one smartphone, your laptop, and perhaps an iPad and other technologies which you’ll need to connect to the internet.

Even though throughout your business trip you’ll be able to pop into almost every café, bar, pub and restaurant to connect to their free Wi-Fi, the nature of your work may well require more security with the sharing of information and customer data. As such, ensuring that wherever you’re staying has a free and strong Wi-Fi connection is naturally an absolute must. 

Ensure Security of the Premises

Finally, as you’ll no doubt be carrying at least a couple of the aforementioned expensive and important items of technology with you, you not only need to ensure that your belongings will be kept safely where you’re staying, but also that the premises themselves are secure. 

Always check that all the locks and bolts on both interior and exterior doors of your rental property are in full working order, that there’s a safe you can use should you require one and that there are ample plug sockets to charge your equipment overnight or when you are out. 

Additionally, it may also be a good idea to look into taking out insurance on your belongings for the duration of your business trip, if you deem this necessary. 

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