Caregivers have probably heard of this many times before – that they need to take a break from caregiving and look after their own needs and desires. 

Indeed, caregiving is a challenging task that no one is equipped to do it all alone. Providing care full time 24/7 without a break will eventually take a toll on anyone, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. Naturally, this wouldn’t be good to the person one is caring for too and this is a situation everyone would want to prevent. 

Hence the introduction and engaging of respite home care. Before we talk about its benefit to both the elderly and their families, here’s a brief explanation of what respite home care is.

What Is Respite Home Care

“Respite”, being that of “a short period of rest”, naturally means that respite home care is a form of service that give carers a break from their caring role. 

It can be arranged for either planned breaks (weekly or short holidays) or emergencies. While such services can be within a person’s home, in a day care centre or in a residential care facility, respite home care refers to those specifically provided at home and is our main topic of discussion today. 

Benefits to the Families 

The main and most obvious benefit of respite home care is that it gives carers a much-needed break from a role that can be extremely demanding at times. 

You see, everyone has their own lives to live and commitments to meet and caregivers are of no exception. However, many often feel guilty for leaving their loved one alone if they are to take a break. Even if they eventually did do so, they do not feel at ease at all.  Constantly worried about their loved one, this defeats the whole purpose of “taking a break” and benefits no one, really.

Respite home care solves this once and for all in that family members can rest assured and have peace of mind that their loved one is in good and professional hands while they are away. 

Their loved one will not be left alone unattended at home, rather, there will be a professional caregiver in place of them. Such person will handle all the caregiving on behalf of them and fill the void until the carer is ready to return. 

So yes, respite home care offers caregivers the time to rejuvenate. It helps them balance life so as not to have their own family and work responsibilities neglected, and allows them to maintain healthy social relationships that is vital to both their mental and emotional health.  

Benefits to the Elderly

For the elderly (or person being cared for), one main benefit is that they do not need to leave their home to receive care. Respite home carers will attend their homes to administer the level of care they need, for however long they need. 

Of course, when their primary carer returns to the role, it will be a wholly refreshed and rejuvenated person taking care of them instead of a worn-out, burned-out individual. No doubt this will have a positive effect on them as well, as happiness is contagious and they too will be able to feel the relaxed vibes too.  

As you can see, respite home care plays a vital role in ensuring responsible and efficient caregiving continues to be maintained on an ongoing basis. If you think you too, can benefit from respite home care, get in touch with a provider to get your very well-deserved break today. 

By Manali

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