Dogs have expert smell receptors capturing the scents of humans. They can smell humans and recognize people through their senses. The smell senses are different for both humans and animals.

Dogs have large surface areas on their noses. Further, you can watch how the dog sniffs and try to find out about the owners. They can pick up smells very quickly. How far the dogs can smell depends a lot on the type of scent and the wind. They can smell for as long as about 20km.

Dogs are like the detectors of humans through their smells. The detector dogs understand their jobs well. They are used in rescue missions to help find any dangerous materials. Most dogs are great sniffers helping in the process.

How Far Can the Dog Smell?

Dogs can hear through the sound frequencies. When you talk to them, they try to capture the frequencies. Through that, they understand what you are trying to say. The sounds come with waves. The frequency depends on how the sound waves are. The closer the waves are, the higher the sound frequencies can be.

Dogs can hear at low frequencies, about 20Hz. Dogs also can listen to frequencies ranging from 70 to 100 kHz. They can hear three times better than humans. There are unique silent dog whistles. They can listen to higher frequencies than humans.

How Can You Know If a Dog is Hearing Something?

Humans can’t listen to the minor noises that dogs can hear. The dog’s ears shape in a different way when they hear something. When they hear something from a distance, their body language changes. The hearing depends on the breed of dogs too. It depends on the type of sounds they hear. Some dogs jump and bark when they hear something. The ears will perk up, and they will relax on sounds.

How Do Dogs React to Human Voices?

The average human voice is between 350 Hz to 3000Hz. But some even have a pitch of 50Hz. Dogs can hear high-pitched voices instantly. So, they respond to female voices more than male voices.

Some dog trainers give training to the dogs to hear whistles. Whistling is an excellent way to allow dogs to follow verbal commands. Further, whistles are high-pitched so that the trainers can train well. Pitch can go up to about 400 yards. It would help if you didn’t blow whistles very close to the ears. Or it will affect their ear drums easily.

How Do Dogs React to Thunder?

Most dogs are afraid of thunder. If you want to buy some dog toys, check out They have all kinds of items for your furry friends. If your dog is stressed during the thunder, you should keep them safe. They can easily detect storms 15 to 20 minutes after their arrival. Dogs can also smell storms with the scent of rain.

Dogs can smell up to 20km, but some breeds can also smell up to 40km. Dogs can smell their owners. They feel at ease when they find their owners. They know their owners from a distance only.


Dogs remember their owners forever. So, when you see the tail wagging, know that the dogs have recognized their owners. Also, some dogs have a sixth sense. So, they can smell real far, which is pretty easy for them.

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