This Could Be a Helpful Financing Option for Ohio Residents

When an unexpected crisis pops up, finding the resources to handle it can be challenging. Maybe you need to pay a bill immediately, make last-minute travel arrangements, or cover an expensive legal ticket. 

Life is unpredictable; unfortunately, you can’t prevent the costly surprises that may happen along the way. If you’re a resident of Ohio currently dealing with an expensive situation and need financial help, you should inquire about title loans!

Car title loans can be great options for people with bad credit who need short-term financial help. While your credit history will be considered during the approval process, other factors may be looked at more. This can be an excellent financing choice compared to traditional, unsecured loans from big banks.

The inquiry process can be easy and hassle-free, and you can even get started with it online or over the phone! You don’t need to find a location in Ohio that has title loans available to potentially qualify for funding. Learn how title loans work in Ohio today, and you may get the financial assistance you need by calling 800LoanMart.

What Is a Car Title Loan in Ohio?

A car title loan is a simple financing option to understand. They work by allowing a borrower to borrow off the available equity in their car. If they are approved, a lien would be placed on the vehicle title and removed once the money is repaid. The title is essentially the collateral for the loan.

This is a secured loan option. That’s why this can potentially be a great option for people with bad credit! Your financial history will be considered, but the collateral helps to minimize the risk to lend to you if you do not have a strong financial past.

Instead, the approval for a car title loan in Ohio is largely dependent upon these factors:

  • How Much Value Is in Your Car
  • How Much Income You Make

The amount of value in your car and your income can determine whether you get approved for this type of financing! Title loans allow you to tap into some of your stored equity that you have built into your vehicle as an asset. Income matters because title loan lenders want to see that a person will be capable of repaying the money.

What Are the Benefits of Applying for a Title Loan in Ohio?

Compared to traditional bank loans, there are many advantages to applying for a title loan in Ohio! Unsecured loans can be challenging to get approved for and come with many demanding requirements, as well as a long application process. With a title loan, you can expect to enjoy the some of these possible benefits listed below:

Online Process:

As mentioned earlier, the title loan process can be started online or over the phone! You don’t need to spend all day finding a location in the Ohio area or waiting in long lines to speak with a representative. The convenience of reaching out about a title loan is hassle-free, and you may even get approved within the same business day as starting!

Keep Driving Your Car:

You may wonder what happens to a vehicle during a title loan agreement. The good news is that qualified borrowers can continue driving their cars like they usually would! As long as you repay your loan funds within the agreed amount of time, you will not lose access to your vehicle. A lien may be placed on the title, same as when you finance a car at the dealership, but most title loan companies do not take possession of the vehicle while you are making payments and in good standing  

A Chance for More Cash:

If your credit history is not the best, you may have the chance to obtain more funding through a secured loan than you would through an unsecured loan option! Title loan amounts can depend on how much value your vehicle has and your income. If your car is worth a lot and has enough positive equity, you may get approved for more money! This may be better than options like payday loans or cash advances, which don’t lend borrowers substantial amounts of funding. 

Get In Touch About a Title Loan in Ohio Today

You can’t prevent unexpected events from happening in your life, but you can control how you deal with them. Don’t let a tough financial situation keep you down forever. If you need help during a financial crisis and live in Ohio, you should talk to a reputable source about title loan funding! This financing option can be helpful if you have a bad credit score but need to access money quickly. Get started today by researching reputable sources and finding the right company for you and then call to speak with a title loan agent. 

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