A good surveillance system in today’s society is not just a security self-care and a necessity for your peace of mind; it also, apparently, acts as something that can help you save money on insurance. In addition to keeping your property safe, surveillance technology can result in significant financial benefits for some homeowners. It’s possible to reduce the cost of your homeowners’ insurance by installing a video surveillance system. Homeowners can evaluate whether or not investing in security cameras would improve their insurance-related finances using the information below, which is provided by some of the most well-known insurance services in the United States. Mammoth Security Inc. New Britain is something that you can use to take advantage of their superior surveillance systems. If you are struggling to understand the relationship between both, this article will help you understand that better.


Since risk is a key component of the insurance market, companies that offer policies favor customers who pose the least threat. According to research, homes protected by video surveillance systems are less likely to have a break-in than those without, which means that fewer of these homeowners will have to make claims for damage or loss. Both parties can gain from the installation of security cameras as more claims cost the insurance company more money. Homes with alarms and IP security cameras tend to deter burglars because they pose a higher danger of being detected and sent to jail. Homes without video surveillance systems are 300 times as likely to be broken into. Insurance firms are drawn to these kinds of numbers because they frequently result in fewer pricey claims.


You can start saving money on insurance premiums there. Many insurance companies offer discounted rates to clients who have installed security systems, although the guidelines vary from insurance company to insurance company. Discounts often run between 5 and 20 percent. The ability of an insurance company to reduce a premium is unmistakable proof of the efficacy of thorough surveillance systems. Small businesses are far more susceptible to robberies and break-ins without security measures. With cameras as well as an alarm system, businesses make fewer claims, which saves the insurance company money. They will be capable of defending against frivolous liability claims, saving the insurance provider money. A slip-and-fall accident is estimated to cost around $22,000, so avoiding claims can save both the business and the insurance thousands of dollars. By lowering the number of claims you’ll need to file over time, a CCTV system can also help save money on insurance. By avoiding fraud and bogus personal injury lawsuits, you’ll soon be able to offset the cost of the protection system.

How Much Are We Talking?

How much of a savings homeowners might get from installing security systems depends on a variety of things. The most significant predictor is the type of equipment placed in the home, although other policy agreements, the location, and the size of the residence can also have an impact on this figure. According to MSN Money, businesses typically give customers who are protected homeowners insurance discounts ranging from five to twenty percent. After customers pay their monthly monitoring fees for security equipment, depending on the insurance, this can result in savings of upwards of $80 per month.

Facts about Security Camera Insurance Discounts

While it’s possible that your security cameras will lower your home insurance and business insurance costs, it’s very impossible for the surveillance system to pay for itself in insurance savings. Remember that surveillance cameras are intended to guarantee home protection and offer peace of mind; this is why you need and purchase them, not so that you may receive security camera insurance savings. Here are some facts to keep in mind before you take the plunge:

  • Buy the greatest, most affordable security cameras. Get clear of the idea that inexpensive means low-quality! In reality, you can always find surveillance cameras that are reasonable in terms of both cost and quality.
  • Select independent security cameras. Standalone video surveillance is your best option if you want to monitor your house or business for the least amount of money possible without having to pay extra.
  • Choose security cameras with the necessary add-ons. You might not be aware that surveillance camera accessories like cables, batteries, and warning signs can be rather expensive.
  • Verify the warranty details for security cameras. When you really need to replace, swap, or repair your items, a security camera with a longer warranty duration and good after-sales support can be very helpful. 

Choosing a good quality surveillance system comes with many benefits. You can go to bed with peace in your mind knowing that your home is safe and accounted for. You can leave your loved ones at home without worrying and check in on them. And needless to say, it does have a significant impact on your insurance. Consequently, this might be a good time to finally invest in that reliable surveillance system.

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