Compared to around 30% in 1966, women made up almost half of Australia’s financed workforce in 2022. That implies that women are also experimenting with fashion and styling when it comes to women’s workwear.

Australian women like to combine comfort and style when filling the wardrobe and to select formals for the office. 

But before choosing the appropriate work attire for women, some prerequisites are generally required.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the suitable office wear

Australian women are masters of style and clothing, from casual blazers to sharp eyeliners and classy styling. Every Australian woman has tried and tested every trend there is.

When it comes to women’s workwear, they are very particular about some things before choosing the proper office attire.

1. Stick to your authenticity 

Instead of highlighting the brand you work for, your office attire should showcase your personality. Dress in a way that piques interest and demonstrates your intelligence. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as when you are a lawyer, police officer, or doctor who serves in the military.

If you are allowed to express yourself through how you style, dress as you would like people to see you. Seniors are treated seriously in the hierarchy if they dress one level up from the next level. If you are a business or team leader, your attire should reflect that.

If you enjoy wearing statement necklaces as accessories, go for it. If you want to wear bright lip colours, go ahead and do it. As long as you follow the rules for office attire, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. 

2. Quality is more important than quantity

After months of struggle, you finally got a new job. You are overwhelmed by the thought of looking your best, so you end up buying a tonne of clothes. However, you eventually have no decent clothes in your wardrobe to wear to work because of the abundance of cheap clothing that quickly begins to rip and wear. 

That is a sign for you to start putting more emphasis on quality than quantity.

When you shop, pay close attention to the fabrics and quality of the clothing you buy. After purchasing high-quality items, take good care of them. Say no to wire hangers, have them tailored, clean them professionally as needed, hang them on velvet hangers, and take your shoes to a cobbler for polishing or resoles. Your clothes and shoes will last longer if you give them some simple maintenance!

3. Do not go overboard with casual dressing

No matter how cosy, one should never go off to work wearing something they would wear at home or any kind of leisurewear. The debate over wearing jeans to work has led to the belief that jeans should ideally be worn to work only and only if the workplace is a field where they are acceptable! 

That is, in domains such as art and media advertising. And, even then, only if they are plain (grey, black, or dark blue), without texture, design, or other embellishments (ripped, fading or bleaching). 

Don’t dress like you’re going to a party by incorporating loud colours into your office wardrobe or by taking advantage of the freedom to wear informal clothes in your office on weekends! 


Australian working women typically stand out even in casual settings. The credit for that goes to their fashion sense and a consistent, wise investment in women’s workwear.

In office dress cultures, there are constantly emerging new trends, but one thing ought to never change. The second is to maintain a sense of formality and chicness.

By Manali

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