Whether you are looking to sell your house or you want to improve your property’s value to ensure that you will get your money’s worth one day when you do eventually sell, home improvements are a fantastic way to boost the value of your property. The exterior of your home helps to form a person’s first opinion of a property, so here are some upgrades that can help ensure that their first glimpse of your home is a memorable one.  

Help Create a Good First Impression

Creating a good first impression is key to getting a good offer on a house, so why not start at the front gate with an upgrade to your garden path? Nothing says luxury and style more than an entrance path paved in Victorian style floor tiles. Geometric tiles are adaptable, versatile, and weather-resistant, and they can provide an excellent focal point to your home’s exterior, and boost curb appeal. You can also extend the tiles into your porch or entryway to create the illusion of flow. Interior designs tend to be more elaborate and intricate than their outdoor counterparts, so experiment with different designs to find the one that best suits your home and the atmosphere you want to create in this vital space. 

Update Your Entertainment Zone

Whether your outdoor entertainment zone is as simple as an adjustable umbrella and a picnic table or as elaborate as a custom-built deck equipped with a retractable roof, upgrading this area can easily boost your property’s value. For a budget-friendly approach, consider upgrading the furnishings on your outdoor furniture, perhaps by adding some new cushions or weather-resistant bean bags. If you have a bit of money to spare, if you don’t have an outdoor deck or patio, now may be the time to install one. Not only do decks and patios provide the perfect place to host an outdoor gathering, but they offer a resale value of between 76% and 100%, making them one of the most worthwhile renovation projects you could choose.  

Help Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Thanks to a renewed focus on climate change in the news, the green movement has been gaining influence and traction worldwide. The good news is that there are several relatively easy, green home upgrades that you can perform that will boost your property’s value in the future, and save you on utility bills now. If you have a big budget for the upgrade, consider a solar panel installation to cut back on your power usage and boost your green rating. If you are looking for something more affordable, simple changes to your outdoor lighting and native landscaping could also make a meaningful impact without putting too much strain on your wallet. While you may not be able to go completely carbon-free with an upgrade, any steps in the right direction will be appreciated by prospective buyers. 

Updating your home’s exterior is a great way to increase your property’s value while also improving your own quality of life. There are upgrades and updates suitable for every budget, so don’t let a hefty price tag deter you from making a change. 

By Manali

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