The advancement of technology has led the revolution in the manufacturing industry drastically. Manufacturers are now using automatic and internet-oriented machines to make their production process more manageable. Nowadays, a single portion of pipe bending operation is operated through coilers entirely synched by the internet allowing the engineers to handle all aspects of production from a single HMI.

They use an automated pipe coiler to sync the production line to produce new coils of pipe automatically. If you are interested in the automatic or hydraulic pipe coiling machine, order the best hydraulic coiler from Reel Power Industrial. So let us know more about pipe coiling and its interlinked aspects.

What is Pipe Coiling

Pipe compiling refers to an act responsible for drawing a straight pipe into a cylindrical shape. Many manufacturers do this process by heating the metal, and some use innovative machines for the coiling. Pipe coiling helps in metal fabrication, particle testing, hydro testing, and other essential processes. 

The finished products include a single coil or two and can be of multiple sizes, lengths, and wall thicknesses. The diameters of the beds and the size can be customized according to the needs. First, define the different techniques of pipe coiling.

Spinning Drums: These drums are used mainly to draw small pipes guarded perpendicularly to the blend or a separate roller to create a pipe.

Three Roller Benders: This machine uses two rollers to guide the pipe, which is held manually. The third roller applies force to create the bend. 

Helical Coil Spiral: This machine is similar to three roller coils. It pushes the pipe through three rollers for the bending purpose. A separate roller is attached, which is used to create the spiral bending later. 

Two Disc Coil Bender: It draws the pipe around the spindle and is attached to multiple rollers to guide the pipe and give it a spiral shape. This machine can get more extended and lengthy pipes used for different purposes. 

Most manufacturers use hydraulic-operated machines attached to the benders mentioned above or pipe coilers. These machines are operated and computer-controlled and are responsible for consistent bends in the pipe without taking the help of human interventions. But, some of the benders, like drum benders, need some interference from the engineers and are controlled by them. The machines are very expensive and require a lot of money and time to acquire. The engineers must train their personnel properly to use it safely and effectively. 


On another note, many manufacturers don’t know about the labor-intensive techniques which they can get from the labor automatic pipe coiler machine. This machine is capable of piling up pipes which help in automatically manufacturing new coils of pipe. It machine coil pipe to any length you desire, automatically cut, switch reels and inject coils that are ready for sale.

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