Are you concerned that bed bugs may be hiding in your home or apartment, and if so, where are they hiding? 

Bed bugs are known for their ability to hide and go undetected. These miniature bugs, which are about the size of flaxseeds, prefer to seek for and sneak into the smallest holes. Any area larger than two millimeters can serve as a hiding place for bed bugs.

But with a little knowledge and determination, you can easily spot their location. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to decide on the best course of action. 

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In this article, we’ll go over the hiding spots for bed bugs and how to look for them.

Bed Bugs Hiding Spots

The most effective technique to look for bed bugs is to start at the bed, which is the most obvious location, and work your way outside of it. Bed bugs prefer to hide in locations that are close to their feeding areas rather than traveling great distances. 

Here are common hiding spots for bed bugs: 

  • In the piping and seams of your mattress or box springs 
  • The holes or crevices in your headboard or bed frame 
  • Between baseboards 
  • Within electrical sockets
  • Behind wallpapers
  • Within the cushions and seams of your furniture 
  • Within book spines and bindings 
  • Where the wall meets the ceiling 
  • Behind wall hangings inside the screw head 
  • In your electronic devices, such as clocks 
  • In the drawers of your closet 
  • Between the joints of the wall and carpet

How To Detect Bed Bugs

Grab a screwdriver and a flashlight to check the locations listed above. Shine the light directly on these areas and inspect these spots. Keep an eye out for insects, eggs, and feces. 

  • Examine all the furnishings

If your bedroom has chairs or other furniture, take the time to inspect the seams and cushions. Where the fabric of the chair or couch meets the legs is another common location to encounter bed bugs. 

The room’s perimeters should be constantly scrutinized. Bed bugs will conceal themselves just at the carpet’s edge, and also by the tack strip. They can also hide beneath baseboards. You should try peeling up a carpet edge to get a better view.

  • Keep a Close Eye on your Wardrobe 

It will take time to examine your wardrobe. Firstly, remove all the clothing and belongings from the drawers. Spend some time reviewing each item you take away. When the dresser is entirely empty, take out each drawer one at a time and inspect the underside and the edges. Examine the runners and the borders within the dresser using a flashlight. 

Bed Bugs Proximity 

Bed bugs normally aren’t found in your bathroom or kitchen because they don’t want to go far to feed. Instead, they prefer to hide in your bedroom and other stationary areas of the house. In order to find them, start searching for them around your mattress and work your way out from there. You can find where these pests are hiding by being persistent and conducting a comprehensive, meticulous search, after which you can start the removal procedure.

Additional Note: Do you think you may have bed bugs in your home? Most people rush to hire an exterminator as soon as they even notice having these bloodsucking insects live nearby them and their families. Finding the nests where bed bugs congregate to lay eggs and hide is the easiest approach to confirming their presence in your house. 

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