You want to improve your home’s decor and privacy? A driveway gate is the best way to achieve this.

Driveway gates can not only increase the value of your property, but they also look great and deter unwanted visitors. Here are some great driveway gate ideas. There are many options for design.

The Best Driveway Gate Designs

While every driveway gate offers privacy, not all gates will match your home. A gate should complement your home while being functional. A gate that is strong and durable won’t easily be broken down is also important.

These are some of the most striking designs.

Select the Best Material

Picking the right material is the first step in any driveway gate design. Metal, wood, and composite are the most popular materials. All materials offer privacy equal to metal, but the strongest.

These materials can be mixed to create unique gates. For a rustic look, a wood gate can be decorated with metal trim and designs. This is a great option if you are really into the design.

Security is the main purpose of a 100% metal gate. A fully-metal gate can still look amazing, but they are usually a bit more costly.

All of these materials can be used. It all depends on what style you want and your budget.

The Arched/Scalloped Door

An arched gate is characterized by an upward curve at the top. Consider a bell shape and apply it to your gate. This tall design emphasizes the fact that you don’t want any unwanted visitors to your property.

An arched gate is a great choice if your home features many arches or is tall. They are a great choice if you need driveway gate installers or access features like an intercom.

A scalloped gate is the opposite of an arched one. They are shaped like a large bowl and dip down as they reach their center. These gates look great in smaller homes and areas with lots of trees.

Scalloped gates look more welcoming and offer privacy. These gates are easier to hop than others, but they don’t offer true security.

The Minimalist Look

Minimalist home design is in.

Although they aren’t very flashy, minimalist gates can be used to accomplish the same purpose. These gates are often simpler to install and require less space in your yard. These gates can be slid across your driveway to open or close.

High-quality materials can be used to create a minimalist gate. It is often the best choice to use nice wood.

DIY Aesthetic

Perhaps you are looking for something simple and not too flashy. You want something that is handmade.

This look can be achieved with simple wire mesh and wood. You don’t have to worry about installing fancy speakers or electronics in the gate. For a DIY look, you can also put together the gate yourself.

Imagine a simple swinging gate where each end meets in its middle. This is what you would see in a country home or farmyard. You can create a simple, functional driveway gate with quality materials and nicely carved posts at each end.

Pergola Gate

Pergola gates make a beautiful addition to any home.

These gates are usually large doors with an accent piece. The accent piece will give the door an Asian appearance and instantly raise the value of your home. Pergola gates look best when stained wood is used.

Pillars & Statues

Statues and pillars can be a great option if you have a gate made of metal or composite.

To hold the gate in place, you might consider putting two stones pillars along either side. Next, decorate those pillars by displaying statues. These statues could be of animals or buildings, or just something decorative.

You can make the pillars as tall as you like. However, it is best to match your gate’s height or go lower. These pillars add class and style to your home. They look great in older homes.

Folding Gate

Folding gates do exactly what they say: They fold.

The gates usually have four panels. Two on each side. To open, they fold in to one another and then unfold into the middle to close. It works in a similar way to a brochure or a Japanese Noren, which you can then unfold into the center to close.

The classic look of folding gates gives your home a timeless look and looks great with brick homes. To double the effect, you can mount them on brick pillars. Most folding gates are made of wood.

Woven Gate

Woven gates are one of the most unusual.

They are designed to look like a basket woven from a variety of materials. The gate’s open design and the privacy it provides contrasts with the welcoming appearance. For a unique design, woven gates can be tall.

These can be made in any material. Woven gates look great and are strong, sturdy, and stylish. This is the best way to impress your guests right from your driveway.

Window Gate

A window can be added to your gate to make it more private and inviting.

This can be achieved by putting up a solid gate. The windows should be the only place visitors can see in. Although the windows are attractive and inviting, the gate imposes your need for privacy.

Tinted or patterned glass is best if you want to keep the glass’ design elements intact. This will make it virtually impossible for anyone to see through and still give you that wonderful windowed look.

Private and Pretty

One of these driveway gate designs will help you improve the look of your home. These gates will give you privacy and showmanship at its best. You will impress your guests from the driveway and let them know that you are serious about business.

By Manali

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