IGZO sputtering targets are available in many forms, purities and sizes. You can also request other customized sputtering targets and evaporation materials in Stanford Advanced Materials.

Description of the IGZO Sputtering Target

IGZO sputtering Target. Its full name is indium galium zinc oxide target. It contains four elements: In, gallium (Ga), Zin (Zn), and oxygen (O). IGZO, a new semiconductor material, has a higher electron mobility than amorphous silica (a-Si). IGZO is used in a new generation high-performance thin film transistors (TFTs), to improve the resolution of display panels and make large-screen OLED TVs feasible.

Sputtering Target Specification for IGZO

Material TypeIndium Gallium Zinc Oxide
Color/AppearanceCrystalline and white solid
Melting Point850 degC
Theoretical densities6.5 g/cm3
Types of BondIndium
Available SizesDia. : 1.0”, 2.0”, 3.0”, 4.0”, 5.0”, 6.0”Thick: 0.125”, 0.250”

IGZO Sputtering Target App

IGZO sputter targetis used for thin film deposit, usually for fuel cell, decoration and LED and photovoltaic device, glass coating, etc. IGZO thin film applications include transparent conductive oxide films and LED display, MEMS device, etc.

IGZO Sputtering Target Bonding Services

Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide Sputtering Target can also be bonded with Indium Bonding. Stanford Advanced Materials specializes in the machining of standard backing plates. They also work with Taiwan Bonding Company to provide bonding services.


To ensure quality control and efficient identification, our indium galium zinc oxide IGZO sputtering targets have been labeled and tagged externally. We take great care to prevent any damage that might occur during transportation or storage.

High Purity IGZO sputtering target can be purchased in many forms, purities and sizes. Our specialty is in the production of high-purity thin film coating materials that have the highest density and smallest average grain sizes. These are used in semiconductor, physical vapor deposit (PVD), and optical applications.

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