Many people stop having sex or struggle to experience its pleasure for various reasons. 

For instance, they might struggle with a low libido, develop trust issues, suffer from exhaustion, or have a medical condition that affects their desire, comfort, or pleasure.

Whatever your reasons for not finding sex satisfying or pleasurable, you’ll be happy to know there are likely one or more solutions to the problem. Read this guide to enjoying sex again.

Try New Sex Toys and Essentials

Get your sex life back on track by using sex toys alone and/or with a partner. 

For instance, a vibrator could trigger sensations you have forgotten you could experience (or never experienced before).

Also, it could build up your confidence to become intimate with a partner again. 

If you find sex uncomfortable or painful, you could transform your experience using a different and more effective lubricant. 

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Change Your Medications

You might not realize that over-the-counter or prescription medications might be to blame for a low libido or sexual discomfort.

For example, some antidepressants are known for lowering people’s sex drives. 

If you suspect this is the case, discuss with your doctor about changing to a different pill to restore your libido.

Also, you may not realize that specific antihistamines and cold medicines can cause some females to experience vaginal dryness. 

If you depend on a specific brand for an allergy or cold, you may need to use a water-based lubricant to eliminate the problem.

Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Moment

Women and men can experience various worries during sex, which may impact their enjoyment and performance. 

If you focus on your flaws, you will struggle to feel beautiful or sexy in the bedroom, which can stop you from enjoying sex. 

Rather than worrying about how you look, focusing on your flaws, or questioning how long sex should last, you must try to relax, drop your guard, and have fun with a partner. 

Slow Down and Increase Foreplay

If sex feels too quick or rushed, it might help to slow things down, make more time for foreplay, and use the power of touch to feel more aroused and engaged.

Get your heart racing with a massage, kiss longer than usual, or enjoy a little dirty talk before penetration. 

Also, you could perform more sensual activities in the run-up to sex, as you could:

One or more of these tactics could make intercourse more explosive and satisfying. 


If you long for hot, steamy, and satisfying sex, making one or more adjustments to your lifestyle could transform your experience underneath the sheets. 

So, make more time for foreplay, stop worrying during sex, change your medications, and use different adult sex toys to build your confidence and satisfaction.

By Manali

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