Are you a pool owner who is looking to keep your pool in the best condition? Or are you planning on buying a home with a pool but don’t know how to properly maintain it?

Today, we’re exploring common pool maintenance mistakes. We’ll touch on how to avoid them so that you can be sure your pool will last a long time.

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1. Ignoring Filter Maintenance

Pool filter maintenance is an essential part of keeping your pool in top condition and clean. Owners may forget to clean the filter, inspect it regularly, or simply ignore any changes in the filter’s function. This could result in dirt, bacteria, and algae buildup in the pool, eventually leading to costly repairs or the need to replace the filter entirely.

2. Overlooking pH Levels

One common pool maintenance mistake homeowners make is failing to pay attention to pH levels and ensure the water is properly balanced. The pH of a swimming pool should range between 7.2 and 7.6 – it should not get too low or too high.

If the pH gets too low, it can lead to the corrosion of metal and problems with the filtration system. The alkalinity of the pool should also be monitored and adjusted when necessary. Pool owners should also have a pool testing routine for chlorine levels and use a pool shock treatment if necessary.

3. Skimping on Sanitation Supplies

A common pool maintenance mistake is skimping on sanitation supplies. When the correct amount of sanitizing chemicals are not added to the water, algae can thrive.

Pool owners should use the correct amounts of chlorine, algaecide, stabilizer, and pH balancer. These products should also be tested and adjusted regularly to keep the pool water in ideal condition.

4. Failing to Check Your Chlorinator

A common pool maintenance mistake is failing to check your chlorinator. Chlorinators dispensing chlorine tablets into the pool can become clogged over time, resulting in decreased chlorine levels.

To avoid this mistake, you should inspect the chlorinator regularly and ensure the chlorine tablets are properly dispersed.

5. Failing to Check Pool Equipment

Ignoring pool equipment issues can be a costly mistake that can exceed your pool maintenance budget. It is essential to inspect the equipment monthly, checking valves, gauges, drain plugs, and other plugs and connections.

Clean pool filters regularly and replace worn parts. Doing these simple checks and maintenance activities will help ensure that your pool equipment is in the best condition.

6. Overlooking Professional Services

Common pool maintenance mistakes can often be avoided long before they become noticeable with professional pool services. Vacuuming regularly is essential for keeping your pool sparkling and free from algae and germs. Professional Services offers services such as pool cleaning, filter repair and replacement, detecting pool leaks, repairing pool damage, and chlorine refills.

Pool leaks can be caused by things like faulty equipment, cracks in the pool structure, or simply the pool aging over time. Professional pool leak detection companies are experts at finding and repairing small or large leaks.

Learn About Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Common pool maintenance mistakes include forgetting regular filter cleaning, not checking chemical levels, and not adequately vacuuming. Avoiding these mistakes is easy and has a big impact on pool cleanliness and water quality.

Remember to clean your filter, double-check the chemical levels, and take time when vacuuming. Follow these steps to prioritize regular pool maintenance, and enjoy your time lounging in a safe, healthy pool environment.

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