Before you commence shopping, it is better to research the pumps available in the market. You must consider various factors while purchasing appropriate pumps for your pool. Nevertheless, going for a small or low wattage won’t be the right choice as a few sizes may not perform effectively and lead to damage.

So, most people consider saving a few dollars when purchasing a pump, but they often splurge several hundred to maintain them. Hence, from size to energy rating and functionality, this article elucidates some critical considerations when buying new pool pumps.

  1. Pool’s Volume

The first and foremost thing you have to consider is the pool’s volume in litres. Calculating your pool’s flow rate is crucial to determine whether the pump is compatible. Sometimes, people seek the support of professionals to calculate the pump’s size based on the volume of their pool. Also, consider the pump’s horsepower, as you need high power to pump a large volume of water per minute.

  1. Pump Type

There are diverse types, such as single-speed and two-speed pool pumps with constant or variable speeds. And as per the Department of Energy, pumps for pools are one of the largest energy consumers in residential properties. 

A single-side pump will pump water at a constant speed but consumes more power. However, variable speed pumps are energy efficient, and you can consider buying the right pump to pump water out of the pool without increasing the power bills.

  1. Pump Features

When buying a pump for a swimming pool, you need to consider several features, and the first one is the pump’s build quality. Pumps build using sturdy materials can endure vibrations and weathering. Meanwhile, some pumps may produce heavy noise when you use them, which is a hassle for individuals living in a residential region with noise restrictions. 

The pump’s energy efficiency is a crucial feature you must consider as it is highly capable of increasing your power bills. And when it comes to energy resources, the pumps can run on electricity, diesel or solar energy. As such, electric pumps are convenient, but solar pumps are energy-efficient, so you need to consider all these attributes of the pumps before selecting one for your swimming pool.

  1. Convenience

Have you ever heard of timers in the pool pump? Not every product available in the market comes with timers. But, pool controllers or timers are crucial to keep your pool clean without any surge in power bills. As such, there is no hassle in turning your pump on or off to pump water in the swimming pool since the timer is there to do the job as per the schedule.

  1. Pump’s Manufacturer

This is one of the crucial factors you shouldn’t ignore while selecting the pump for your swimming pool. Thorough research will help you identify the most durable pumps, and you will find various articles about pumps for pools allowing you to find reliable manufacturers in the industry. Moreover, customer reviews can help you understand the efficiency of pump models.

Pool filter pumps are the heart of every swimming pool as it circulates water around and through the pool. As such, a high-end pump from a reliable manufacturer is crucial to keep your pool clean. So, consider the above factors while selecting the pumps, and there are incredible benefits in owning a quality product. Apart from the above aspects, consider the pump’s maintenance protocol, potential hazards, cost of repair services, and availability of replacement parts and technicians in your region. However, choosing the proper manufacturer will be beneficial as you get a warranty, free shipping or installation.

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