Pests have different approaches when it comes to controlling them. All of these methods are capable of delivering results depending on how they are implemented. Do you know about the three methods of pest control? What do you know about these methods?

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In this article, you will get to find out the three pest control methods, the pests that should be controlled, and some others.

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Methods Of Pest Control

Hygiene pest control

This type of pest control involves you keeping your surroundings clean and ensuring everything is in order in the home. One of the ways by which you can avoid some of these pests is by putting your bins in order, draining stagnant waters, and the like. This way, they would be reduced.

Biological pest control

The biological pest control method involves using natural control methods to get rid of pests. If you are not clear with this, let me sight an example; some people might use cats to scare away rats from their homes. This is just using a natural method to chase them away.

Mechanical pest control

This involves using physical barriers to ensure that pests do not have access to the environment. The presence of natural barricades would be a great advantage to anyone that is using it. This way, pests would be very scared to come around the environment.

Having seen these methods, let us discover some of these pests to be controlled. They include:


Mice are mistaken to be rats, but they differ from each other. Mice are small creatures capable of causing serious havoc in homes through excretion on surfaces and even leftover dishes. Their excretory products are like small grains of coffee, black.


Rats are also another annoying set of pests that disturb the home. Usually, they create holes in the ground and leave their big excretory products anywhere. Rats are capable of eating leftovers and even things like papers, shoes, and so many others.


Ants are known to dominate when they are not taken care of properly. They move in colonies, and it is advisable to treat them with urgency when noticed in the home.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are insects found mostly on the bed and are capable of causing a sting to anyone on the bed then. Most of the time, these bugs are not noticed until they start to deliver their deadly bites. Either you do away with the bed in question or find a strong insecticide to take care of it.


Spiders are known to be web creators. They make spider webs which can sometimes interrupt movement around the home. They make their webs mostly on the ceiling or the edges of walls in the home. All of these contribute to making the home look unkempt.


Mosquitoes are malaria-producing insects. They lay their eggs majorly on stagnant waters and then hatch, which will terrorize the people who stay in the home. The best thing to do at times like this is to take out every form of stagnant water and then use strong insecticides.


Does this sound funny? Well, it doesn’t because these sets of creatures are deadly when found in the home. They could take refuge in very cold places and where there is too much load. To avoid them, ensure your home is clean and use insecticides.

Pests greatly threaten productivity and health, so they should be watched and prevented by all means.

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