The success of a business depends on several factors, out of which the most crucial one is how you treat your employees, customers, and business partners. There is no denying that anybody can be successful in business in the short term simply by capitalising on a good idea or just by luck, but only those who have mastered the art and managing relationships can withstand the competition in the long run. You must have heard about numerous ways to keep the people you work with, those who work for you, and those who buy from you happy and satisfied; they all can be summed up in two words- “fairness” and “appreciation.”

While the idea of fairness makes obvious sense as a component for success, the ability to show those same folks appreciation for a job well done is less often put into practice. One excellent idea for showing appreciation that is increasingly catching on is giving prepaid digital gift cards

What are digital gift cards?

Prepaid e-gift cards are the type of cards that are given as a gift to people so they can purchase goods of their liking. In short, these are the virtual version of physical gift cards. The prepaid gift cards are loaded with some money that the user who has been given this card as a gift can use. The user cannot use the card further than its limit. With these prepaid gift cards, the recipient can shop from any online store that accepts that gift card and purchase anything that they feel will suit them best. These cards are acceptable worldwide because they act like Visa cards or MasterCard.

More and more businesses are using these gift cards as an incentive program whereby the card is given to people to motivate, encourage, or appreciate them for specific actions or jobs, or on birthdays, work anniversaries, or festive occasions. These gift cards are also referred to as gift coupons that can be redeemed later. These cards are of two types-

  • The first one is the cards with a big credit card brand, which can be redeemable at any online store where the credit card brand is accepted.
  • The second type of digital gift card is retailer-specific. These cards are issued by merchants who are well known and can only be redeemed by the retailer that issued the card. 

How are digital gift cards better than products or cash rewards?

If you are considering buying digital gift cards for your employees, clients, or customers, here are five reasons they are better than giving products or cash. Continue reading!

  • Safer than giving cash or physical cards– Cash or physical cards can get lost or stolen, but when you provide e-gift cards, there is no such thing possible. These cards are delivered to the recipient via email or text message, they simply have to redeem them online with a code, and the amount gets transferred to their respective account with the specific retailer. Or they will have to redeem it in-store with a scannable barcode. It will depend on the type of card you are providing.
  • Gives freedom to recipients to buy anything they want– Another best thing about choosing e-gift cards is that they give recipients the freedom to choose anything they like. If you provide your employees or clients with a showpiece, homeware, jewellery, or anything else, they will have to accept the items, whether they like them or not. With digital gift cards, you offer the recipient the opportunity to choose whatever they want and need to have. 
  • Can be sent to anyone, anywhere– Unlike physical cards, cash rewards, or gift items that need to be handed over to the recipient in person, you can send digital cards to anyone and anywhere. There is no geographical restriction.

So if digital is your thing and you are looking for ways to appreciate your employees, customers, or clients, simplify your company’s gifts with digital cards. Digital prepaid cards are undoubtedly more convenient than paper gift certificates and other gifts.

By Manali

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