There is something about wooden flooring that instantly has our hearts. The rich undertones, the textures and the shapes of the wood, and the way it feels to work on the wooden flooring is something which we can’t rave about enough. While we are all about wooden flooring supremacy and love it immensely, we can’t deny how it can get expensive to adorn your living spaces with wooden flooring. If you are sold on engineered-hardwood where to buy water resistant hardwood flooring is potentially the next question to pop into your mind. If you love the wood look but feel it’s too high-maintenance and expensive, we have news for you! There are tons of options that you can choose from! Before we dive into the options though, let us try to understand engineered hardwood better.

So What Is Engineered Hardwood?

Solid hardwood is a single piece of wood with no layers, as opposed to engineered wood floors, which are made of layers of both hardwood and plywood. Adding hardwood flooring to a space is a terrific way to give it a classic flair. Construction made of engineered hardwood has a long lifespan and excellent performance. It is made of multiple layers of wood, each of which is arranged in a distinct orientation. Because of its design, engineered hardwood is shielded against moisture-related warping and bowing that could occur with a hardwood floor. Its design allows for implementation in most grade levels of the structure, including below underground with a preventative moisture barrier added, giving it an advantage over solid hardwood. Similar to how a true hardwood floor does, a hardwood veneer provides an engineered floor with the beauty and appearance of natural wood. Engineered hardwood is simple to maintain and care for.

How Long Does an Engineered Wood Floor Last?

Engineered hardwood floors can last a lifetime, depending on the quality of the flooring used, the thickness of a veneer covering them, and how well you care for them. Any floor in your house can last a long time depending on all three of these elements. With the outstanding alternatives available nowadays, you may choose from any design, such as sleek and smooth or rustic and scraped, adding performance, style, and value to your home. As long as there are no severe moisture problems and a preventative moisture barrier is established, engineered hardwood can be put in any room in your house, including the basement and bathrooms.

Cost of Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the most expensive flooring options available on the market. Hardwood flooring that has been prefinished might cost $8 per sq ft. Typically, the cost of hardwood flooring ranges from $8 to $15 per sq ft. However, engineered wood flooring offers a more cost-effective alternative. Per square foot, engineered wood flooring cost between $2.50 and $10. However, the majority of types range from $4 to $7 per sq ft.

Cheapest Options in Engineered Hardwood

Beautiful, classic, and durable are the main qualities of hardwood flooring. However, they may also be costly. Even the most resilient wood flooring might occasionally fall short of our expectations, particularly for dog owners or parents of young children. Some of the alternatives to expensive and durable hardwood flooring include bamboo, cork, laminate, and vinyl planks. You can also try European oak engineered hardwood, in elegant, medium brown tones, with striking oak graining and distinguishing knots. This floor’s design is not only affordable, but it also features an unmistakable European Oak look, a 2mm veneer thickness, a UV lacquer surface finish for wear prevention and easy maintenance, and a multi-layer core for maximum stability, and multi-grade installation capability. Speaking of the resale value of engineered hardwood, potential buyers rarely object to engineered wood flooring since it resembles solid hardwood so closely. It might not, however, improve a property’s worth as much as hardwood flooring could. There is no data to back up the claim that engineered wood flooring increases a home’s market value.

A beautiful space is everyone’s dream! Whether it is beautiful window treatments, plush carpets, or gorgeous gleaming wooden floors, every detail comes together to create a stunning picture. If the wooden flooring is something that you like, real wood or any other wood-like material will do the trick. Engineered hardwood is surely extremely coveted among homeowners and for good reason. While you might love engineered hardwood for your space, choosing the material is just the starting point. Choosing the right place to secure your material is equally important as you won’t want to compromise on the quality. So do your research well in advance to ensure you add only the best to your home.

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